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The Goal of Meditation


Everyone has their motives for getting into meditation. We want to accomplish or achieve something whether it be a physical result, mental or emotional result, or a spiritual result. Perhaps all three. Or maybe we just want to generally feel better.

Music and Meditation


Music is very much a part of every culture on the planet. An attraction to music is a natural part of human society. Everyone loves listening to music, playing music, singing, and dancing. If you play music around small children, immediately they start to move with the music. This can even take place with animals on occasion. We cannot, in fact, separate music from our own lives as individuals or as a society. Incorporating music with meditation makes for a natural and very potent practice.

Meditation Benefits for Healthy Living


As the pace of life in today’s world gets faster and we become more aware of environmental contaminants that affect the body, the development of a healthy lifestyle becomes increasingly necessary. The standard lifestyle today is one that promotes high levels of stress and neglect of physical and spiritual health. We place ourselves in a tornado of complexity as we sacrifice our overall health to maintain these unnecessary complexities. Making good decisions concerning our lifestyle is where we need to start on this road to overall health. The incorporation of regular meditation practice into our daily routine is a perfect place to start. The style of meditation we teach at MeditationSLC is called mantra meditation. In this article, we will be exploring the positive health benefits that come from doing meditation.

A Moment's Peace

A Moment's Peace.jpg

“One who is not connected with the Supreme…can have neither transcendental intelligence nor a steady mind, without which there is no possibility of peace. And how can there be any happiness without peace?” (Bhagavad Gita Ch. 2 Text 66)

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